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01booksoftmockupMy daughter writes the most amazingly touching cards for our birthdays, mothers’ day, and fathers’ day. She does it right. But I have seen some very poor messages, and some very embarrassing ones.

What makes a good message?

We send messages every day—in emails, when we leave voicemails, when we write a note for someone, and when we send greeting cards. Not everything is done by text!

When you write a message—however that message is to be delivered—there are some important things to bear in mind. These will make it the most efficient and effective message it can be.

A message must be:

  • Simple. It must be easy to understand. If the person you are writing to can’t understand what you are saying, then there is no point in leaving the message in the first place.
  • Clear. It must be easy to read, with a beginning, a middle and an end. The point of the message should be obvious.
  • Concise. People respond best to shorter messages. Say what you have to say and then stop.
  • Complete. Don’t leave out anything important. The message must contain all the information that the person needs.
  • Real. Don’t hide what you are trying to say in jargon or long words. Don’t try to be clever. Say what you have to say honestly.
  • Correct. Check your message for mistakes. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself by leaving silly errors in your message.

A note about messages on greeting cards:

Greeting cards are a personal expression of something that you are feeling. They should communicate how you are feeling to the person they are for. Many people just rely on the sentiments written by card-writing professionals, but it is much better and more personal to write your own.

Messages on greeting cards should be:

  • UNIQUE. Don’t write the same thing that everyone else writes.
  • PERSONAL. Show the person that you are saying something that is only for them.
  • PLEASANT. Say something nice. Make the person feel good about himself or herself, and about your relationship. If appropriate, be lighthearted rather than too serious.

The most important message you will ever leave

Some messages are much more important than others. Lately, I have watched friends who have lost a parent as they tried to find all the information they needed to sort out their affairs. At the very worst time in their lives, they were often faced with chaos.

That’s why I put together The Family Message Book. It is your message to your family if you should pass away. I have tried to make it simple, clear, concise, complete and very easy to use.

Everybody, no matter what their age, should be completing this book.

I have had orders from people who want to give everyone in the family this book for Christmas!

It is available HERE


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