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This week, after deciding not to take on any new clients for one-off writing jobs, I have been swamped with requests for either résumé and cv writing, linked-in profile writing, or rewriting ‘about me’ pages and bios.

Maybe it’s been part of everyone’s New Years’ resolutions to revamp their cvs and online presence!

When people wanted cvs, I was happy to redirect them to my course, which is available on USB or as a download—“Change Your Life, Change Your Job,” which covers everything about job applications including cvs, cover letters, addressing selection criteria, your Linked-in presence, and interview techniques and questions. It’s available here.

For those who simply want to revamp their “About Me” page on their website, I have a complimentary template which outlines what to write and how to write it.

Before we delve into the template, here are three things to keep in mind when you write (or rewrite) your ‘About Me’ page:

  1. Many people write in the third person, (as if they were talking about someone else.) People do this because it is easier to say nice things about someone else than it is to talk about yourself in that way. This is still okay, but it sounds more ‘honest’ if you write as if you were actually talking.
  1. Make sure that you don’t use long words or jargon (technical or business-related words) just for the sake of it. You are trying to impress people, sure, but not by making what you say difficult for them to understand.
  1. Check everything you write for spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and meaning before you post it. You don’t want people to get the impression that you are less than professional in any way.

Here is the complimentary template

I hope you all enjoyed the gifts I gave you in the last newsletter, but if anyone missed these, they are still available.

  1. Chapter 1 of Share Your Skills
  2. Chapter 1 of The Family Memory Project
  3. Website homepage checklist – is your home page the best it can be?
  4. How to make an instructographic
  5. There are two videos to accompany the family message book. The first talks about the importance of the USB, and the second shows you how to password protect a USB.

Family and Personal News

Alex is currently in Colorado training the Australian Snowboarders, and will head back to Guatemala and his year of volunteering starting next month. If you would like to help him complete that year, you can do that here. If you missed the tragic story that led to this you can read it here and the follow-up is here.

I have started the training for my new contract—District Manager for the Australian Census. The area I’m managing is The Shire and Wollongong (I’m secretly quite delighted—I get a wonderful frisson of excitement every time I read it— that ‘The Shire’ is part of my area. Those who know my love for Lord of the Rings will understand!)

My latest little adventure as the Arts and Craft Instructor on Radiance of the Seas was a fantastic experience, and after my contract is over with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, I’ll look into doing some more of that sort of thing.

Until next time: Write well, write with passion, and use all your writing for good.

Warmest regards,


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