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Alex Update:

Thank you everyone for asking about how Alex is.

If you didn’t see the story of what happened to my youngest son, it is here.

After he spoke at his friend’s funeral in France, he returned to Guatemala and straight away started the process of raising money for a skate park for the youth in Antigua. These kids are often in full-time work by the time they are 10. They don’t have much of a childhood. Alex says that they get so much joy from simply expressing themselves in play. He has already found some people who may sponsor the project, and it looks like it has every possibility of going ahead.

Next year he will be completing his friend Lou’s volunteer placements in Costa Rica, Peru and Chile.

I am so pleased that he was able to come home for Christmas, even if it’s only for 10 days. He brought me some beautiful Guatemalan weaving, as he knows I appreciate the sheer artistry that goes into a piece of work like that. The colours are glorious, and I will always remember how amazing Alex is, whenever I look at them.

Later in the newsletter, I’ll let you know how you can help Alex, if you would like to do that.

My gifts to you this Christmas:

Christmas is traditionally the season of giving, and I don’t know about you but I much prefer to give something than to receive something. So here are my gifts to you this Christmas. You are free to download any or all of these from the website. There should be something that interests, or helps, everybody.

  1. Chapter 1 of share your skills
  2. Chapter 1 of the family memory project
  3. Website homepage checklist – is your home page the best it can be?
  4. How to make an instructographic
  5. There are two videos to accompany the family message book. The first talks about the importance of the USB, and the second shows you how to password protect a USB.

All of my teaching programs are half-price until the end of the year. You can look at them all here.

To purchase them at half-price, please email me ([email protected]) and I will give you access to the download, and instructions on how to transfer the money or pay by PayPal. Please don’t pay website or you will pay full price.

Helping Alex

Many of you have asked how you can help as far as Alex is concerned. Several people have said that they wish they could volunteer abroad, but since they can’t, they want to help Alex do it.

Some of you have already sent money for him, and he’s very grateful for that.

We have set up a crowdfunding site, here, where you can donate as little or as much as you want. I’d love it if you could share the story and the site with your contacts.

Every dollar will help him to help others.


Proceeds from all sales of my books or teaching programs until the end of the year will go towards Alex’s year of volunteering.

He’s doing a year of volunteering in the poorest countries of the world with the most needy children, in honour of his friend, Lou, who died before she could complete her volunteering placements.

If you missed the tragic and heartbreaking story, it’s on my website here.

News for 2016

2016 will be an interesting year for me. While I will still write my monthly newsletter, and I will still serve my loyal clients, I will not be taking on many new ones in 2016. This is because I will be taking the contract, once again, as district manager for the Australian census. While this job is flexible, and I still do it from home, it’s pretty full on. There will be lots of jobs next year for Area Supervisors and collectors. If you are interested, you can register your expression of interest on the ABS website.

We’ll be seeing family at Christmas, and then I’ll be teaching on a cruise until my ABS contract begins in January.

I wish you all the best these holidays, and hope that your 2016 is happy, healthy and fulfilling.

Until next time, write well, write with passion, and use all your writing for good.

Warmest regards,

Dr Rie Natalenko

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