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Your most important message

My daughter writes the most amazingly touching cards for our birthdays, mothers’ day, and fathers’ day. She does it right. But I have seen some very poor messages, and some very embarrassing ones. What makes a good message? We send

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9 Ways of Generating New Ideas for Your Business.

  How do you come up with new ideas? Why do I need new ideas? Speak Your Book Watercolour Memoirs   Do you offer everything you possible could for your clients? How do you come up with new ideas? I

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The Butterfly Effect in Networking

One day when I was seventeen, I desperately wanted to land a solo spot in the end-of-year concert. The audition piece was really challenging, ‘ The Windmills of Your Mind’, but I had practiced it until I was sure I

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How to become an Expert Blogger

Why is a blog so necessary for today’s businesses? And what do you need to know in order to be a successful blogger? Two huge questions, and ones that I could spend hours and thousands of words talking about. However,

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FREE WEBINAR: Write Your Own Best Seller

You can be seen as an expert in your field… You can have maximum credibility in your business… You can share your knowledge with the world… …If you write a book! My FREE WEBINAR, Write Your Own Best Seller, will

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6 Things to Prepare Before You Start to Write

Have you ever had your life changed in some way by reading a book? Here’s some great information for people who have considered writing their own book – and maybe influencing someone else’s life.   If you are planning to

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February 2014 workshops

  Hi Friends!   I know it’s not time yet for the monthly newsletter, but there are some interesting things happening that I thought I’d share – some workshops that are coming up.   Whether you manage your own business,

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10 reasons to write a book (and 10 excuses as to why you can’t)

Dr Rie Natalenko A study in America found that 80% of people say they either want to write a book, or have thought about writing one. I don’t know whether it’s the same in Australia, but many people I’ve spoken

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The importance of saying, “Thank You.”

Hello Friends! So it’s Christmas time, the end of the year!  The week after Christmas, is probably a time when we look back over the year that has passed, and look forward to the year ahead. I received an interesting

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Ten Essentials that every Manager or Business Owner should know

I’ve been sharing some of the writing mistakes that people make on public signs etc. for a while now on my facebook page and in my newsletter. It makes you laugh how silly the errors are. It’s not so silly

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