The present of the past… for the future

If you have aging relatives, it’s really important to start gathering and recording their stories so you can preserve them for the future.

Of course, it may be that your relatives come up with arguments about why they don’t want to do it. Today I’ll look at one type of argument that they may raise, and I’ll suggest how to overcome this.

Perhaps this is not the one you will face, so I do look at many different objections in the book, The Family Memory Project.

  • I’m too boring (dull, normal)
  • Who would want to hear about me?
  • No one would care

These objections are easy to overcome. Today we are fascinated with memoirs. We search for our roots, we are insatiably curious about the past. We spread our emotions around on Facebook and other social media platforms, and we expect others to do the same. It’s normal to reveal internal conflict, and it’s fascinating to learn how others cope with theirs. Nobody is boring. Their life might seem normal to them, but it’s genuinely unique. Everyone has had different experiences of growing up, different lives within a family, different hardships and triumphs. Some have travelled, some have experienced war, some have found their answers in spirituality. Everyone is different, and nobody is boring.


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