November Business Writing Workshops

In November, I will be running two full-day Business writing courses at the Clever Centre in Corrimal.

21 November
The secrets of writing a winning business proposal


  •       Making it simple: The different types of proposals explained.
  •       What should go into a business proposal?
  •       How to structure a winning proposal
  •       A simple formula for business proposals
  •       Proposal layout and formatting – make it easy to read!
  •       Give them what they want!
  •       20 things you must have to win your next proposal
  •       10 ways fear can cause you to lose proposals.
  •       The mark of the Professional: making it the very best it can be.

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26 Nov
Effective communication for managers and business owners: How to look good and get what you want through writing


  •      The 10 essentials of Business writing.
  •      The secrets of writing for different audiences.     –  How to make sure you are getting your message across.
  •      Making the message clear.     –  How to write clearly and concisely
  •      Structuring your messages for maximum impact.    –  What order should the information be in to have the maximum impact?
  •      How Jargon and Buzzwords can lose clients.
  •      Size matters    –  The perfect length for different documents, sections, paragraphs and sentences
  •      The simple essentials.    –  Layout, style, graphics
  •      How to save 40% of time spent on Email.    –  email conventions, email etiquette,  email time management
  •      Professionalism and the English Language    –  Levels of language and what makes you look unprofessional
  •      How to make your writing achieve your goals.    –  Writing to make people act
  •      The importance of looking professional.    –  Editing, Proofreading, and eliminating errors



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