FREE WEBINAR: Write Your Own Best Seller

You can be seen as an expert in your field…

You can have maximum credibility in your business…

You can share your knowledge with the world…

…If you write a book!


My FREE WEBINAR, Write Your Own Best Seller, will explain it all!

Over the years, I’ve written several books – academic books, educational books, a novel… and those who know me well, know that I’ve also ghostwritten books for others (and some of those were best sellers.)

But I struggled my way through, at first, not knowing the step by step process, wasting time, getting bogged down… until I worked out that there was a step-by step process that would make the whole thing easier.

I discovered that it’s not hard to write a book. You certainly don’t need a Doctorate in writing. You don’t need a new idea – just your own angle on it, and these days, it’s not even difficult to get published.

There are just 7 really easy steps to writing a book:

  • Prepare
  • Research
  • Structure
  • Write
  • Edit
  • Polish
  • Publish
    • Don’t think you can’t write a book! YOU CAN.
    • Don’t think it will take too long! (I’ll show you how you can write a chapter a week in just one hour a day.)
    • Don’t tell yourself you can’t, or listen to others who tell you you’re not good enough.
    • Have faith in yourself!
    • Take that first step!

Listen to the FREE WEBINAR, Write Your Own Best Seller, and see for yourself.

Many of you have told me stories of how books have influenced your lives. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be the person who changed someone’s life by writing a book?

Quite a few people have said to me that writing a book is not for them. Maybe you are feeling the same way?


Sam said, “I couldn’t write a book, Rie – it’s too hard!”

Give me a chance, Sam! Let me show you how easy it can be, THEN tell me it’s too hard – if you still think so!


Jenny asked, “Why would people want to read anything I write?” I know Jenny’s story, and I know she helps a lot of her friends with her insights. If you write a book, Jenny, you can help so many more people than you help right now.


Cameron said that he’d already written a book, and he’d never write another one, because of all the hassle. I can show you, Cam, how you can avoid all that hassle! This way is easy, straightforward and step-by-step.


Jules thinks she’s not clever enough to write a book. But you don’t have to be clever. You just have to have your own slant on a topic. And I can assure you that Jules has her own slant on just about every topic! There are editors and proofreaders out there who can do the rest!


The one I have heard most is that people don’t like writing, or they can’t write well, or they hate sitting at a keyboard.


There are ways of getting around that these days! There are transcription programs, and there are transcribers out there ready to turn your speech into words for you. I explain how it works in the FREE WEBINAR, Write your own Best Seller.

But the bottom line is, you don’t need to be able to write – talking is okay!


So why not set aside the time in your calendar right now…


Monday 28th April 8pm to 9pm.


Register HERE

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