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111451056Film Making Workshop!

Students of English in NSW should ‘respond to and create’ film!

How are you supposed to teach that!

Would the considerations of the art curriculum be satisfied if students were only allowed to used crayons – and not taught what to do with them?

Would the T & D curriculum be satisfied if the students were only taught how to microwave a meal?

Some schools have film-making gurus on their staff, but these schools are the fortunate exceptions.

English teachers are expert at teaching students to write poetry, prose and drama, but film-making is a totally different skill – which the department has said you should teach, but has never bothered to teach you!

Are you convinced that the students at your school are being taught to “create film” in the right way?

The SOLUTION: hire a professional film-maker and educator to teach your students for you!

Dr Rie Natalenko has worked in the film industry for many years in many different roles. She has taught film-making at TAFE and University. She was a high school teacher for 25 years and was the award-winning* writer of the resource, Making Fantastic Short Films (Embryo films.) * Australian Teachers of Media, ATOM award for “best instructional resource” (2007.)


FILM MAKING WORKSHOPS for 50-150 students (with their English teachers.)

Suitable for mixed-age groups or a full age-cohort.

  • One FULL DAY


  • BONUS teaching materials,
  • BONUS editing workshop.


•    Students and teachers attend for a FULL DAY and learn pre-production and production techniques.
•    Students work on their films in class (detailed, easy-to-follow, curriculum-specific teaching materials provided) and prepare and shoot their films in groups.
•    Two-hour workshop with student editors and directors to learn about post-production.
•    Students finish their films.
•    The school can run a film evening – a show or a competition (which will astound parents, students and the community, and could more than recoup the investment in the film-making workshops!)
•    Why not produce and sell the dvds and earn even more money to put towards student activities?

*This is a standard way of working, but if your school would like something different, the program can be tailor-made to suit you.

Your investment: $2000 for the FULL PROGRAM (less than $13.50 per student for 150 students)


1300 947 436 or 0242 845 322   

[email protected]

“Our student film festival was a huge success last night – the cinema was packed & the students / audience had a terrific time watching the films. The standard of the films was excellent!… Two or three were (I think) particularly good. It was a great project / unit that really engaged the students. It also gave less-able students lots of scope for achievement and acknowledgement.” Richard Rebel, Curriculum Leader – English, Drama and Languages. Nowra Anglican College
“Rie’s workshop… was the most efficient, enjoyable and relevant presentation I’ve seen in years. It’s been a pleasure to be part of it and I know everyone will benefit from hearing anything Rie has to say!” Dr Lori Lebow, teacher.

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