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I know it’s not time yet for the monthly newsletter, but there are some interesting things happening that I thought I’d share – some workshops that are coming up.


Whether you manage your own business, or work in someone else’s business, you probably spend some time every day writing.


That could be writing reports, memos, procedures, performance appraisals, letters, proposals, agendas, minutes, memos, brochures, ads, speeches, articles, power point presentations or e-mails.


Writing is a daily job responsibility.

Writing well is critical to effective management.


‘Writing effectively is not an academic exercise, it is a business imperative.’

Stuart Goldstein
People judge you by the way you write.


  • How you write is a reflection of your professionalism


  • Effective business writing is clear, concise, correct, complete, and coherent.


  • Your choice of words has a major impact on the way your written communications are received by readers.


  • Proper sentence and paragraph structure helps readers interpret your meaning.


  • Anything that is written could potentially be used against you or the company in a court of law.

 10 essentials of business writing:

  • Know your audience
  • Plan your work
  • Know your message
  • Make sure the structure is correct for the purpose
  • Make everything concise
  • Decide on the style
  • Get rid of the jargon
  • Avoid abbreviations
  • Use the active voice
  • Edit and Proofread


On 25 February, at the CleverCentre in Corrimal, 9-5 I’ll be offering a full-day workshop where we cover all these in detail, and make them easy.


Effective Professional Communication for Business Owners and Managers:
Achieve your goals with clear and compelling writing.


BOOK NOW: http://bit.ly/1h5xTL6




And on February 20 at the CleverCentre in Corrimal, I’ll be running the popular workshop:



The Secrets of Writing a Winning Proposal.
  • Making it simple: The different types of proposals explained.
  • What should go into a business proposal?
  • How to structure a winning proposal
  • A simple formula for business proposals
  • Proposal layout and formatting – make it easy to read!
  • Give them what they want!
  • 20 things you must have to win your next proposal
  • 10 ways fear can cause you to lose proposals.
  • The mark of the Professional: making it the best it can be.


Book NOW:  http://bit.ly/1dD5cx1




Writing is one of the most important tools we can use to achieve what we want in life.


Learn to use it for good!




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