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A Heartbreaking Personal Story


It’s been an unnerving and scary month, filled with tragedy and hope. I don’t just mean the terrorist attacks all over the world, which were undeniably tragic. I mean this in a far more personal way. My youngest son, Alex,

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How will you tell them?


My children used to love stories. I spend a lot of my spare time reading and writing and enjoy escaping into the world of the story. The other day, the owner of Business in Heels Illawarra, posted about the importance

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Your most important message


My daughter writes the most amazingly touching cards for our birthdays, mothers’ day, and fathers’ day. She does it right. But I have seen some very poor messages, and some very embarrassing ones. What makes a good message? We send

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It’s too late!


It’s too late now… You missed your opportunity… Have you ever missed out on something that you really wanted? When my eldest two children were babies, I had tickets to the Queen concert in Sydney. The tickets were more expensive

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9 Ways of Generating New Ideas for Your Business.


  How do you come up with new ideas? Why do I need new ideas? Speak Your Book Watercolour Memoirs   Do you offer everything you possible could for your clients? How do you come up with new ideas? I

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What do you charge?


What do you charge? Have you ever been mad about something, and too polite to show how annoyed you are? That happened to me last weekend and the weekend before. The weekend before last, the Wollongong Handspinners and Weavers set

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The Butterfly Effect in Networking


One day when I was seventeen, I desperately wanted to land a solo spot in the end-of-year concert. The audition piece was really challenging, ‘ The Windmills of Your Mind’, but I had practiced it until I was sure I

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How to become an Expert Blogger


Why is a blog so necessary for today’s businesses? And what do you need to know in order to be a successful blogger? Two huge questions, and ones that I could spend hours and thousands of words talking about. However,

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Things are changing


Things are changing. Have you ever felt that way? Recently, I’ve been struggling with transition. Something feels strange and weird in my life – like things are changing and I’m not sure why or how or where it will end.

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I can’t do it any more!


Have you ever sat down, exhausted, and wondered WHY you were doing what you were doing? Why am I going to work day after day when I hate it? Why am I rushing round stressfully trying to get things done?

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