The Butterfly Effect in Networking


One day when I was seventeen, I desperately wanted to land a solo spot in the end-of-year concert. The audition piece was really challenging, ‘ The Windmills of Your Mind’, but I had practiced it until I was sure I

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How to become an Expert Blogger


Why is a blog so necessary for today’s businesses? And what do you need to know in order to be a successful blogger? Two huge questions, and ones that I could spend hours and thousands of words talking about. However,

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Things are changing


Things are changing. Have you ever felt that way? Recently, I’ve been struggling with transition. Something feels strange and weird in my life – like things are changing and I’m not sure why or how or where it will end.

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I can’t do it any more!


Have you ever sat down, exhausted, and wondered WHY you were doing what you were doing? Why am I going to work day after day when I hate it? Why am I rushing round stressfully trying to get things done?

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How to say, “no”


Writing an email: How to say, “no.” This week I had to write a really difficult email. I had to say, “no” to a friend who wanted help with a writing project. They had an overnight deadline, and I simply

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The present of the past… for the future


If you have aging relatives, it’s really important to start gathering and recording their stories so you can preserve them for the future. Of course, it may be that your relatives come up with arguments about why they don’t want

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Women in Business annual Long Lunch

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Don’t let your family memories be lost.

The Family Memory Project helps people with aging relatives to gather, record and preserve their family stories for their children and grandchildren. Over this last month, I’ve had many questions about The Family Memory Project (which is about to launch) so

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Collecting Family Memories

“Chaque vieillard qui meurt, c’est une bibliothèque qui brûle” (“Every old man that dies, is a library that burns.”) M. Amadou Hampate-Ba In the past, societies valued their elders. They were the keepers of tradition. Theirs were the words of

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Making the most of what you create

Leveraging: making the most of what you create. At a recent conference in Melbourne, I was asked to speak about “content leveraging” to a group of trainers. The idea is that you take one idea and repurpose it as much

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